Fifth Grade - Prelude to Promenade

This group class starts with very basic information such as how to sit in a chair, how to hold open a door, how to tie a tie, how to write the perfect thank you note, and kindness bootcamp.

Sixth Grade Promenade

Sixth Grade Promenade teaches handshakes and eye contact, how to introduce and be introduced, polite conversation, receiving lines, and dining etiquette. There is a tutored dinner held at a local country club. The finale is a dance!

Seventh Grade Promenade

Seventh Grade Promenade delves into social media and cell phone etiquette, how to be a good guest, and more advanced dining etiquette. There is a 3 course tutored dinner included.

Eighth Grade Promenade

Eighth Grade Promenade prepares the children for their high school experiences. They learn how to ask and be asked to a dance, tips for navigating social life in high school, making new friends, and finding their interest groups. They learn more dancing that they will use in high school life. The dining etiquette portion is more advanced and is a 4 course dinner at a country club included.

Shag for High School Seniors

Promenade offers a 3 weeks class in Shag for High School Seniors to get them ready for their college experience. It is relaxed, casual, fast-paced, and lots of fun. A DJ comes to the final class!


How to Sign Up

Complete Application

The application is completed only once and adds your child to the Promenade database. ​

Register for Class

Once it is time to register for classes, you will receive registration information as long as your child is in our database.

Experience Growth

Each year has valuable information that will help your child prepare for a successful adult life, instill confidence, build social skills and treat others with kindness and respect.