From Our Families

After COVID, I was glad for my child to have the opportunity to practice manners with her peers. She thought the dances were fun. I liked that she was taught how important it was to be kind and that there was a dinner at the country club.
Virginia S.
We enrolled our 8th grade daughter in Promenade in order to solidify the teaching she had received in the 7th grade class. In particular, she came away with stronger skills and more confidence in basic social etiquette, such as conversation, introductions, and dining etiquette. I think the more practice and reinforcement they have in these areas, the more naturally it comes to them out in day-to-day situations.
Both of my daughters participated in Promenade – one took the Prelude class and they each took their respective grade level classes. The teaching style was easy to engage with and most of all they had fun! We were amazed with the renewed confidence in simple things like - shaking hands, making eye contact, the value of digital etiquette, and the importance of being courteous, kind citizens. Of course, the new dance steps were a hit too!

We chose to have them attend to help reinforce our values and to reignite some skills that were not practiced during the pandemic.

They will continue to participate throughout middle and high school.
Michelle M.
My two daughters have attended Promenade for years. My younger one wished it was all year. She loved seeing friends and making new friends from other schools. My older daughter attended 6-8th grade and protested attending, but never wanted to miss a class. In 8th grade, a group would meet at Mellow Mushroom before class and moms took the kids to class afterwards. She attended Shag this year and said it was a lot of fun! She showed me a video of one make attendee teaching Shag to his friends who didn’t attend.
Dara B.
Promenade is the perfect reinforcement of the manners, etiquette and simple kindness we as parents have attempted to instill in our children from the beginning. We were thrilled (and somewhat surprised) our eighth grade son looked forward to attending every week, and we know the lessons he learned will guide him in the years to come!
Emily M.
Promenade Cotillion classes have been an enjoyable and informative social hour for my middle schooler. She looks forward to this every year and the instruction is thoughtfully provided with a fun atmosphere that young tweens thrive in. My child consistently learns useful material that has been beneficial in many different settings. Overall an exceptional experience!
Melissa R.
I encouraged my son to participate in the Shag class because I thought it would be fun and a great way for him to brush up on his dance skills before college. He was willing to do it, but was a little apprehensive before the first class. But when he came home after the first class he said he had a great time and that it was really fun. He also knew a lot more people than he thought he would and he said it was great to see friends from other schools. He has been very willing to go back each time and has had a lot of fun. He and his girlfriend even showed us a dance after their second class. He loves the relaxed environment and has learned a lot. He thinks he will definitely use these skills in the years to come at UGA!